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                Bowler hat is a hard felt hat with a narrow brim and a rounded crown It was also known as bob hat. billy coke. billycock. bombin and derby, It was first made in 1849 for Edward Coke, British soldier hard hat to be close fitting to protect heads, in Victorian times working class loved it only later to become popular with middle and upper class in United Kingdom especially civil servants clerks and bankers, officers of the Queen's guards wear them as a part of work dress In United States, it was the most popular Hats.

                Bowler Hats (13)

                Bolero Wide Stiff Brim Round Crown Wool Hat - Black


                Maz Round Wool Bowler Hat


                Maz Crushable Soft Bowler Hat


                Docker Hat Rolled Cuff Retro Fashion Brimless Hats


                Maz Wool Leopard Bowler Hat - Brown


                Maz Wool Felt Hard Bowler Hat


                Maz Vintage Roll Rim Cute Cat Ears Bowler Hat


                Gladwin Bond Wool Homburg Hat - Black


                Felt Derby Hat - Olive-Green


                Wide Stiff Brim Wool Pork Pie Hat - Black


                Maz Wool Bowler Hat


                Maz Wool Crushable Soft Bowler Hat


                Maz Packable Wool Bowler Hat

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